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DTE Group is comprised of 4 major divisions.  Each division specialises in defined product category, with each complementing the other to provide you with a holistic product and service offering.

Our commitment to product innovation and the constant introduction of new technologies, allow us to maintain our reputation as market leader in tank manufacturing and fuel management.

Diverse tank Engineering offers a full range of storage tank options from double walled, containerised WrapTank™, minor storage WrapTank™, custom fabricated tanks, single wall aboveground tanks, fire rated aboveground tanks, vertical tanks, and Plasteel® Elutron® underground tanks. DTE is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certified and has manufacturing facilities in WA & QLD

DTE Fluid Systems provides fuel tank installations, maintenance and retail fuel management systems to industries such as industrial, power, process and mining etc. DTE Fluid Systems also offers underground tank and fuel system replacement.Pumping equipment and packages have been carefully engineered to suit varying client applications.

DTE Electrical provides electrical switchboards and systems in fuel installations to industries such as petrochemical, chemical, industrial, power, process and mining industries etc. DTE Electrical can also custom design Electrical Systems to cater to different customer requirements.

DPE Malaysia / PT DPE Indonesia

Diverse Product Engineering caters to our International market. These branches offer a wide range of underground and above ground tanks, single and double walled. Both manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and Indonesia are UL certified; DPE Malaysia also has ISO9001 certification.

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