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With Diverse Tank Engineering’s unmatched product performance, it remains the leading supplier for designing, constructing and supplying quality storage tanks. Diverse Tank Engineering provides a complete versatile solution to accommodate the petrochemical, chemical, industrial, power, process and mining industries. Setting the Australian benchmark, Diverse Tank Engineering follows strict standards, from design, through to manufacture and installation – guaranteeing premium quality products and services.

We offer a full range of storage tank options from self bunded (double wall)tanks, CT container self bunded tanks, minor storage self bunded tanks, fire-rated aboveground tanks, shop fabricated tanks, single wall aboveground tanks, vertical tanks, ADBLUE® Equipment, and Plasteel® Elutron® underground tanks.

Our philosophy of product innovation and introduction of new technologies allow us to maintain our reputation as market leader in tank manufacturing and fuel management. In addition:

  • We buy direct from manufacturer to ensure cost effectiveness
  • All equipment is made safe to site specifications
  • We deliver high quality outcomes on time
  • We have a proven track record
  • We have a dedicated documentation control team for major projects
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